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Sverd i fjell Norsk versjon
Presenting pictures from Norway (Stavanger and Rogaland).

Look at the pictures from Stavanger and look at some pictures of the region's beautiful nature. My name is Per Jostein Haaland. I have been working with IT for more than 35 years, including 26 years as a systems analyst at Statoil's main office in Stavanger. 
This website was created early in the 1990s. The pictures presented here are taken from the early 1990s and until today. Some of the old ones are scanned from paper  pictures and some of the pictures have a low resolution. Newer pictures will be presented with higher resolution.

The following pictures have been made available to you. Select the pictures you want to look at, by clicking on your selection below:
Pictures from the famous fjord called Lysefjorden
Pictures from Stavanger
Pictures from Rogaland
Pictures from Stavanger and Rogaland - Part 2

Here are som newer pictures:
Pictures from Lake Stokkavatnet, Stavanger + YouTube film
Pictures from Lake Mosvatnet, Stavanger
Pictures from Lake Melsvatnet, Time
Pictures from Lysefjorden, Ryfylke + YouTube film
Pictures from Ølberg harbour and beach, Sola
Pictures from Stavanger city and surroundings + YouTube film
Pictures from Rogaland Arboret, Sandnes
Pictures from the beaches of Jæren, from Obrestad to Tungenes

In addition, here are some pictures from a couple of my favorite holiday places, Nice and Côte d'Azur and Cinque Terre in Italy:
Pictures from Côte d'Azur
Pictures from Cinque Terre + YouTube film
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Slides from Stavanger

Slides from Rogaland

Slides fra Rogaland

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